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About Our School

At True Knowledge Preschool, we know what it takes to enhance our students’ education. Our unique approach to learning and top quality faculty makes True Knowledge Preschool more than just another preschool. It’s a life experience. The transformative learning experiences at True Knowledge Preschool are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. With small class sizes and individualized instruction, we are here to help our students make an impact on the world. Find out what sets us apart. We invite you to contact us, and schedule a tour at your convenience. Are you ready to realize your child's potential?

Meet the Teacher

Miss McKenzie Dosch

Lead Teacher & Owner

Loved by students and parents alike, Miss McKenzie has been teaching with knowledge, enthusiasm and joy since 2015. After graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a degree in Elementary Education,
Miss McKenzie promptly realized her passion for teaching the tiniest of students. She worked along side her beloved mentor, Denette Russel at Little Tikes University for 2 years, learning valuable skills and expertise.
Miss McKenzie is overjoyed to have the opportunity to create and grow her own preschool and
would love for you and your family to join in her adventure!

August 2023 - May 2024

Registration Opens January 1st, 2023

Tiny Tots


(ask about our waitlist)

Tuesday & Thursday
8:30-11:15 AM


Our Tiny Tots class introduces students to their first classroom environment in an atmosphere that emphasizes creativity, hands-on experiences, and gaining a sense of self and others. These little ones are exposed to a range of music and movement activities as well as an intro into many different academic subjects.

Tiny Tots must be at least 3 years old and potty trained prior to attending.

Kids in Preschool
Drawing Time

Small Scholars


(ask about our waitlist)
Monday, Wednesday & Friday

8:30-11:15 AM


As a Small Scholar, students will participate in a wide variety of play and academic activities that support growth in such areas as letter recognition, counting skills, and social-emotional development. These youngsters will experience lessons through music, movement, books, and hands on learning.

Small Scholars may be 3-5 years old and potty trained prior to attending.

Academic Academy

2 Spots Available!!
Monday - Friday
12:00-2:45 PM


Academic Academy is a Kindergarten readiness class which prepares your child for his formal years in education by offering a balance of structure and play. Our curriculum is designed to support alphabet letter and sound recognition, problem solving, fine and gross motor skill development, and much more!

Students must be at least 4 years old as of
July 31st to enroll in Academic Academy.

School Children

Enrollment Information

2023-24 Registration Fees:
Registration Fee: $35
Supplies Fee: $50

2023-24 Tuition:
Tiny Tots - $160 / mo.
Small Scholars - $220 / mo.
Academic Academy - $335 / mo.

2024-25 Registration Fees (subject to change)
Registration Fee: $35
Supplies Fee: $55

2024-25 Tuition (subject to change)
Tiny Tots - $165
Small Scholars - $230
Academic Academy - $355

Parent Testimonials

What are parents saying about Miss McKenzie?

"McKenzie is incredible with young children. She definitely has a gift for teaching, and they all adore her. Even when she's firm with them, they love her & follow her directives because they all want the special praise that means so much from Miss McKenzie. She has so much patience & and it is clear that she loves her job. So blessed to have her as my daughters teacher."

Stefani G.

"I never imagined that my 4 year old would be reading already and he IS!! McKenzie is AMAZING with the kids!!"

Megan W.

"Miss McKenzie is an amazing teacher, she takes time to help each child conquer each step in the process they are learning and truly has the patience and love for the kiddos!"

Sarah H

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